About Satigata

Founded in the chapels and classrooms of Harvard Divinity School, Satigata was developed by Chris Berlin and Darren Becker, both HDS Master of Divinity graduates in Buddhism. Blending traditional Buddhist chants with acoustic guitars, hand drums, and singing bowls and bells, Satigata emerged as an exploration of contemplative music at the crossroads of Buddhist practice, chanting, and the accessibility of acoustic American folk-rock music. Satigata plays regularly throughout the Boston/Cambridge area and their live events are unique, ranging from contemplative music and chanting events to concerts. Through their songwriting and live events, Satigata's aim is to inspire the spirit of meditation, well-being, compassion and freedom through music and a distinctive community experience.

The name “Satigata” is a compound noun formed by two Pali words, “sati” and “gata”— “sati” meaning “mindfulness” and “gata” meaning “movement” or “progressing towards" something. (Pali is an ancient Indian language canonical to Theravada Buddhism). Taken together, “Satigata” indicates progressing toward, and deepening into, the present moment awareness that is mindfulness.

With an initial line-up that included Andrew Stauffer on hand drums and percussion, and Alanna Coady on vocals--both M.Div. students at HDS--and with the creative input of Michael Miceli through spoken word and media support, Satigata went into the studio to record their first double-album, "Boundless." Since the album's completion, Satigata's newest line-up includes Tom Penhale on flute, EWI ("electronic wind instrument"), and vocals, Faith Mcauliffe on vocals, harmonium, Tibetan singing bowls and bells, John Felice on hand drums and percussion, and Jim Schliestett on bass guitar.